Thursday, March 08, 2018

Bonus Quilt!

One of my Cutie Quilts has a secret:  If you save the triangle trimmings, you can make a second quilt!  How cool is that?

The first quilt is Due North:

The flying geese in this quilt are BIG so the leftover triangles are big, too.  If you sew together all of the leftover triangle pairs, you can make this quilt:

The blocks are made entirely from leftovers; I added a simple 6" border to make this 42"x48" quilt.

Here's the block:

There are enough triangles to make 32 blocks and but I only used 30 of them.

The quilt is pieced in straight rows, but I quilted it on point using my walking foot, echoing the diagonal seams:

Surprising no one, I filled in the stitched lines with ribbon candy.

As one does.

I found the PERFECT thread for this quilt:  FabuLux Cuddle.

I don't want to rush anyone, but I need more babies so I can give away all of the baby quilts that are stacking up in my studio!

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Cute quilts!