Friday, April 06, 2018

My Trip to Cleveland... so far

This week I am working for Red Rooster quilt shop at OSQE Cleveland.  If you can, come and visit me and try out the newest Handi Quilter machine!

My trip to Cleveland started out well.  Even though it's 500 miles from my house to Cleveland, I choose to drive because it's much less stressful (and germy!) than flying.  While driving, I design quilts, make a few chatty phone calls, and listen to audiobooks.  The miles just fly by!

Every time I drive through Pennsylvania, I see a huge sign reading PIEROGIES on the roof a building near the interstate.  I've promised myself that I'd stop and check it out someday, and this trip was the time!

I'm trying to save the pierogies until I get home, but my hotel room has a kitchen and a fry pan.  The struggle is real!

The drive became a bit stressful as the snow and winds picked up.

I am friends with some truck drivers so I'm always a polite driver around the big rigs.  That day I gave them even more space because the winds were brutal and they were trying so hard to stay on the road.

The drive became challenging when it came time to... um... find some facilities.  I pulled off an exit and the power was out due to the high winds, closing all of the restaurants in the area.

I had to drive a while to find an open restroom restaurant but found one just in time!

Finally, I checked into my sewing room hotel room and made myself at home:

Can you see Shari Butler's newest In The Meadow fabrics?  They are oh so yummy!  Stay tuned to see what I'm making!

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