Friday, October 19, 2018

What Started As Sick Day Sewing

Three months a year, I go through medical treatments for a rare autoimmune disease and during the month-long recovery, I give myself permission to engage in happy sewing.  I drag out whatever fabric I've been hoarding and make something delightful.  Last month I pulled out Kimberly Einmo's Solidish fabrics from Timeless Treasures.  I selected sixteen fabrics in the green/blue/purple spectrum for a fun project:

Very happily, I cut up the fabric and started to stitch it back together:

I added black sashing:

and my happy top was complete:

I just had a chance to machine quilt it last night:

I loaded up my Handi Quilter Forte, grabbed some FabuLux Blue Heaven thread, my 4" Offset Circle Stencil, and a good audiobook and quickly turned this quilt top into a pretty and fluffy and warm and lovely quilt.

I hope you like "autumn in the woods in New York" backdrops for photographs, because that's my default.  And I need to get out there and finish splitting that humungous pile of wood soon!

While there is no ribbon candy stitched anywhere on this quilt and I feel kind of empty inside because of that, the ribbons of flowers and leaves lightly dancing on this quilt top make me oh So HAPPY!

I teach this techniques in one of my Craftsy classes and often in my in-person classes as well.  Sign up for my mailing list to see where I'll be teaching.

Do you engage in happy sewing when you are feeling icky?  It's my favorite medicine because the quilting helps the icky times pass more quickly and then I have a pretty quilt at the end to give away to someone else who is feeling icky.

Quilts > Icky.


Vireya said...

What a beautiful result! I hope the icky time has passed now.

Frog Quilter said...

My Forte is getting set up tomorrow and I am so excited. How do you like it?

I love your quilt!!!

BB. said...

Amazing work. It is great that you share with us such information. All the details are in this post is awesome. Looks good, thanks for sharing!


Unknown said...

As I worked in my yard yesterday, I thought about you and your wood pile. I hope you feel better soon and can get back to splitting.. but in the meantime, take care of yourself. The new quilt is a "cutie" :)