Friday, November 02, 2018

A Cozy Autumn Sweet Tooth Cutie Quilt

I can't count how many Sweet Tooth Cutie quilts I've made; the number is certainly higher than my fingers and toes can handle.  There's something about the skinny strips and alternating ribbon candy stitching that makes this quilt bring joy to my heart.

Recently I finished a cozy, scrappy autumn colored Sweet Tooth Cutie quilt:

Maybe if I cover up my entire wood pile with quilts, it will split itself and stack itself into neat little piles?

What are your feelings about ribbon candy?  I'm in LOVE and very comfortable quilting it in all directions.  My students asked for a stencil to help them with their ribbon candy, so I happily obliged.  I use a 1" ribbon candy stencil for this quilt.

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Pamela Arbour said...

I love the ribbon candy too and it quilts up so quick! Congratulations on another finish.

Will you be at the Houston Quilt Festival on November 10th?