Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Stolen Serviettes

At their request, I made my daughter's family Serviettes from Benartex Burlap fabric for their in-home dining experiences.  Which is every meal for the foreseeable future.

I told them to choose their colors and they chose Orchid and Charcoal.

I topstitched in a subtly variegated purple thread.  Only I will know that it's there, but it will make me happy.  And now I need to make all of the quilts for the rest of my life in Benartex Burlap.  Because it is YUMMY!

I joked with my daughter's family that as long as these are in my house, they are still mine.  They should have arrived at their house today, if the mail is on time. 

I am putting together some April Serviettes for my children's families now.  Umbrellas!!!

Bon Appetit, girls!