Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Cutie Pattern (variation): I Can Buy Myself Flowers

 I've had this line of fabric on hold waiting to make this quilt.  The events of the last 18 months delayed me, but I love how this quilt turned out!

I took a Bouquet Cutie Pack (16 fat eighths), a Bouquet panel, my Go with the Flow Cutie Pattern, and some background fabric and I Can Buy Myself Flowers came to be!

I wrote the directions for how to turn Go with the Flow into I Can Buy Myself Flowers.  You can download it from my website HERE.

How many other panels do I have stashed away?  The world many never know, but now I know how I will use some of them!

To see how I machine quilted this quilt, watch the YouTube video HERE.

P.S.  I think that these leafy feathers would be a great start to a Machine Quilted Feathers, Vol. 2 class, don't you?

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