Monday, March 26, 2007

From the Mailbag

Dear ____ Mountain,

I've missed you. Have you missed me?

I'm terribly sorry that I've ignored you for the last six months. I hope you didn't take too much offense. I admit that I was preoccupied with work and a little self-absorbed, but you were cold and didn't seem all that interested in a relationship.

Now that the nice weather is threatening to return, I'd like to come back to you if you'll let me. We can spend some quality time together every day. I can appreciate all the little changes you go through, and breathe your fresh air, and enjoy all your views, and listen to the sounds of all who call you home. In return, you will hopefully get the pounds I shed as I walk all over you.

Did you recognize me? I know I've gained a little weight over the winter months, but I'm still me. You, on the other hand, had a surprise for me today.
I'm happy you are making new friends, but don't change too much, OK?

Well, I hope you accept my apology and I look forward bonding with you again.

Your Fair-Weather Friend


Dear Debby's Legs:

What happened to you? When I last used you, you ran for five miles without much complaint. Now, today, all I asked for was a 30 minute hike and you barely made it. I realize it was a huge hill and that it's been six months since I've really used you, but still....... I'm very disappointed.

Shape up.

Your tired and weary owner


To the Readers of my Last Post:

I did buy my husband an anniversary present: a speed rope. I'm just romantic like that. Keep your husbands away from me, girls... I know how to spoil a man.

Debby (the lame gift giver)

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Marla said...

i'll make sure to keep chris away!!! LOL!!! you've inspired me to get back into exercising again....lets see if the inspiration produces any results! :)