Saturday, April 21, 2007

I can't fly, so why must time?

Background information about me: I got married when I turned 18 and moved to NY and lost touch with most of my school friends. I was changing diapers, they were going to Cancun for spring break ... it's easy to drift apart.

After church on Easter morning, I was reading the NYTimes bestseller lists online. I usually only read the hardcover lists, but since I was having a lazy morning, I read the paperback list as well.

I noticed this book:

Gaelen Foley? Wasn't she one of my closest friends in junior high and high school? Why, yes! Yes, she was!

Gaele was very smart and funny and not just a little bit 'off'. She had the greatest laugh and warmest smile. She beat up my boyfriend in the hall at school once when he did something particularly cruel. I have some great memories of my years with her.

Apparently, she writes bodice-ripping Regency romance novels that are very successful. It's such a perfect fit for her! I know she rode horses and I can picture her fencing. I can just see her digging into the history and enjoying inventing steamy love scenes.

I just finished one of her books and purchased two more. I'm going to actually buy all of them -- this is a challenge for a library-type-gal like myself, but I want to support the author. It's also a challenge to eyes-on-paper read them, as opposed to listening to the audio while I work. Her books aren't available on audio, so read I must.

Now that I've finished the first book, I do plan on writing to Gaele to congratulate her. It'll be neat to get back in touch. Maybe I'll even consider going to my 20th high school reunion. I've successfully avoided all of them so far. This just might be the year.

Check her out.

And how about you? Do you know any kind-of famous people?

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