Friday, April 27, 2007

Finally ...... Quilt Pix

It's been a long, long time, but finally..... quilt pix!

There's a local woman who is sending quilts to babies born to servicemen. I have some spare quilts to donate.

This one was made from leftover fabrics from a Moda University Bound to the Prairie quilt:

I made 5 of these blue quilts. Last year when I wanted to practice a design I had in my head, I pulled this top out and quilted it. At long last, it's done:
Here's a close-up:

I got a phone call from my mom a while back that went something like this

Mom: Do you know what I want for my birthday?

Me: No. Do tell!

Mom: Remember that snowman tablerunner you made me for Christmas last year? Well, it's not snowing any longer so I had to put it away. I put my old embroidered tablerunners on and they didn't look as good as the quilted tablerunner. Could you, at some point, make me another quilted tablerunner?

Me (to myself): SCORE!

Here's the tablerunner I'm mailing tomorrow. Don't tell my mom, OK?

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Marla said...

awesome pics as always!! :)