Sunday, March 02, 2008

Is it time for bed yet?

File this under 'Shoot me now!'.

At the local quilt shop, we were working on scrap quilts from Open A Can of Worms. The theme was supposed to be floral, so I of course brought polka dots. Dots are the new floral, right? Humor me here.

Now that the dot/floral matter is settled, I left the shop and went to the grocery store for arborio rice. What is life without risotto? Not worth much, in my opinion. Quick trip in an out and then I was headed to an evening church service.

So, the car wouldn't start. It wouldn't even pretend to start. I've been expecting this since last weekend when a gremlin hatched in my electrical system. Blinking lights, power steering outage, power brake outage, radio turning on and off, clock resetting to 12:00 every 2 minutes. Fun stuff. Once I turned the car off and restarted it, it was fine. I knew it wouldn't continue to be fine, though. How did I know this? My car has over 100,000 miles and is American-made. Need more explanation?

Mr. Man came to the grocery store to jump my car, and, gosh darn it, it worked. Color us shocked. I slammed my fingers in the door drove home with Mr. Man following me while the gremlins played with my electrical system again. My personal favorite was when the transmission suddenly went into neutral. That ROCKED!

Has anyone had the thought process that starts with "I should lose weight" and goes to "I really need to drink more water"? I took that path today. The inevitable end of that thought is "I really have to use the washroom" (just for you Meredyth).

Can you picture this yet? Fingers throbbing, car throbbing, bladder throbbing..... Fun ride home. As soon as I pulled into the driveway, I threw the car into park and ran to the bathroom fell on the ice. Yes, I had to do laundry, but only for the mud on my pants and (sob) new jacket. I took care of business then started the laundry then changed into my pajamas then grabbed my heating pad and laptop. Not much to be done for the sore wrists and nether-regions, but the herniated disc that I just aggravated? Heat and blogging are the best medicine. Funny, my smashed fingers din't hurt so much once I threw my back out.

Tomorrow, I get to call a tow truck and see how much the beast my cute little car will cost to de-gremlin. If I can get out of bed, that is.

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Kim said...

Some days just are the pits!
thank goodness you are okay and
are healing.....slowly .

Be Careful Debby !