Saturday, March 08, 2008

I've got the power!

(insert dance moves here)

A quick run-down of my day:

Get up
Run a few quick errands
Go to work
Come home and eat dinner
Start laundry
Head to the studio to work some more (where o where are the soap operas and bonbons?)
Lose power
Set up a quilt by candlelight
Hook up generator (ok, so Mr. Man did that but I honestly know how)
Quilt that quilt
Decide to unhook generator and go to bed
Re-gain power
Re-start laundry (but it's still gonna sit overnight)
Check email
Finally hit the sack (that's next, I promise)

Electricity, I've got a crush on you.


Kim said...

That does NOT sound like a fun day.
Glad you're back on the grid....
may the force be with you.......

Kim said...

Testing using your site

telfair said...

I'm tired just reading all of that...