Monday, September 08, 2008

The Picoult Plunge

Do you read Jodi Picoult's books? I do....... sometimes.

I read The Tenth Circle about two years ago. It really got to me. Difficult subject matter, difficult resolution. It took me nearly a year to work up the courage to read another one of her books. That time I chose Nineteen Minutes. It didn't rock me like The Tenth Circle did, but I didn't want to rush right out and read another one of her books, either. I was able to figure out the ending of the book, too, and that's a huge turn-off for me.

Last week I took the Picoult Plunge and read The Plain Truth. It was somewhat predictable, but I mostly enjoyed the journey.

Which book of hers should I read next? You can tell me now, but it may take up to a year for me to be willing to crack the spine.


Jessica said...

The only Picoult book I've ever read was "The Pact" it was tough...I keep picking up her books at the library, but I always put them back....

nannergirl said...

I've just started Mercy and am so far enjoying it. I'm only halfway though, so it might not end well.

Kelly Simmons said...

I think Jodi's best book is My Sisters Keeper.

(I'm published by the same publisher so I've read them all -- if you're in the mood for a newer author, check me out at and I apologize for tooting my own horn but it's tough out here in book world!)