Saturday, November 15, 2008

Oh, Edward

I have to admit it... I was suckered into reading Twilight. Pages turned and then I had to read another. Then another. Then I had to wait a long time to read the last. I finished just in time to see the movie trailers FOR A MOVIE I SHALL NOT SEE! No offense to anyone who is excited about the movie, but Cedric is not my Edward.

After I saw the disappointing trailers, I read another Stephenie Meyer novel, The Host. It was nice and long.

Any rumors of another Stephenie Meyer novel?

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nannergirl said...

I just finished Twilight. I always have to read a book before I see the movie and I completely agree with you...I will not be seeing the movie. The trailers look boring. Most of the books are so much better in your head than they can ever be on screen anyway!