Monday, February 09, 2009

Five boys

My son has four friends that he's been friend with since grade school. They've been in scouts and church groups together and spent a lot of time together. My son has been to the Outer Banks with one of them; to jazz camp in Kentucky with another. When all five are together, there is usually a bonfire in someone's yard. They are very responsible about it, but they do love their fires. School notebooks are burned to celebrate the end of the year. Scrap wood and brush are burned by necessity and the gang just happen to gather. When I think of these boys, I think 'fire'. When they neared high school graduation, I knew that their graduation quilts would be inspired by fire.

I gathered all my black, white, black & white, red, orange, and yellow fabrics and cut them into five-inch squares. Then I waited. And waited. And waited some more. Time passed. The boys graduated. Then finished their first year of college. And their second. Then their third. When I realized that they were graduating from college and I was planning quilts for their younger siblings, finishing the quilts became a priority. I pieced all four tops and backs and finally finished quilting and binding the first of the quilts:

I still have three more to finish, but at least I'm on a roll.

My son and his four friends started as five boys, but are now five men. Two are now working full-time. Three are graduating from college. One is getting married this summer.

Can anyone recommend a pattern for wedding quilts with a flame theme?
And for those counting, this is FIVE of fifty for the year.

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