Monday, February 23, 2009

Grandma's Album

Finish number NINE!:

I belonged to a Moda club for a few years and have kits of each project, nicely labeled in a plastic box. That particular box contains one less kit, now that Grandma's Album is finished.
This is a very light quilt that will be probably be my summer-weight bedspread.


Linda said...

See, it's cause you can't talk that you're getting all this quilting done! Wow, nine finishes. That's great. Good for you!
Lurking Linda

debby said...

Linda, you are probably right. I still teach quilting and have to talk for that, but I'm a lot quieter than usual while I'm recovering.

I'm also not spending a whole lot of time cooking, since I can't eat much. It doesn't take much time to turn on the blender!

I should finish another quilt tonight. Check back tomorrow!