Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Can you help me?

I've apparently lost my mind and I cannot find it. I signed up for the ps i quilt pinwheel sampler quilt along. I need to start a new project like I need more snow but I went ahead and did it anyway. It was so cute; my power to resist dissolved.

Proof of the unmitigated cuteness of this quilt:

block 1:

block 2:

block 3:

my quilt so far:

Did I mention that I'm making this quilt entirely from scraps and stash? Wouldn't that make starting a new quilt a virtue rather than a vice?


Diane said...

well it's so cute "crisp" is the word that comes to mind, I think it's a virtue that you started another project.

Darx said...

Definitely squarely in the virtue camp. And so pretty!

Kim said...

You can spin it anyway that makes you happy :0)

Happy sewing

Judy said...

Around here, that's called an "I'm not starting another project!" project. ;)
It's very cute....and a stash reducer.