Friday, March 05, 2010

Friday finish -- Gretchen's quilt?

I made a shop sample last fall using Birdie fabrics from Moda and Nesting pattern from Me and My Sister Designs. Birdie is likely the happiest fabric I've ever seen.

There was enough leftover fabric to make a smaller quilt:


My daughter-in-love adores this quilt and I want to give it to her. Her husband (my son..... a man!) says she already has a million quilts (um, that would be two) and doesn't need more. I don't want to cause marital dis-harmony, but the quilt is really cute and I really want my daughter-in-love to have this quilt.


I left the finished quilt folded on her kitchen table (in my house ... we live together). My thought was "if she takes it, it's not quite the same as my giving it to her." So, the quilt disappeared into their living room and my hands are clean. When I asked my son if he noticed the new quilt in their living room, he just smiled. Happy quilts = happy wives = happy husbands?


Darx said...

I bet you are the best mom-in-love ever. And the quilt is lovely!!

Diane said...

I agree that is a very happy quilt and I'll bet a very happy daughter in love.

The Calico Cat said...

That is a good dilemma. :o)
You husband should pull that boy of his aside & give him a man-to-man talk about the importance of the MIL DIL relationship. (Especially when you are living under the same roof.)

Unknown said...

Great solution! QUESTION - when do you find time to make quilts, in addition to quilting all the quilts you quilt????? Do you have secret elves at home?

Kim said...

MIL knows best......
hey that could be a great new show!
You are probably too young to remember "Father knows Best".

Love the quilt I know she'll love it :0)

Happy sewing