Friday, August 06, 2010

Friday Finish -- Betty's quilt

A few years ago:

My local quilt shop demonstrated how to make a quilt with Moda Turnovers in Fig Tree fabrics. I fell. in. love! I bought everything to make myself a quilt and finished the top in a few days. I put the top aside to quilt when I found the time.

Last month:

I noticed on the calendar that my aunt was about to turn 90 and I wanted to make her a quilt. I looked through my studio and found that Fig Tree quilt still unquilted. Even though I made it for myself and loved it dearly, I reasoned that if I hadn't quilted it in more than two years maybe it wasn't meant for me.

I enjoyed every second I spent quilting that quilt. I even enjoyed every second I spent hand binding that quilt. I laid it over a chair in the living room. Even though thousands of quilts have come through this house without comment, each member of my family saw this quilt and came to me to tell me how lovely it is.

Aunt Betty's quilt:

Close up:

I hope she enjoys this quilt as much as I have enjoyed making it!


Darx said...

Oh, wow, it's gorgeous. I love it, too!

Screen Door said...

The quilting is stunning....Great job.

Maryellen said...

So pretty!

Diane said...

Debby that is perfect. And I have a Great Aunt who will be 90 this fall too. I think you have given me a very good idea. Inspiration everywhere it just keeps on going 'round! :)

Kim said...

Your quilting made that fabric special you just keep getting better and better.
What an amazing gift!

Happy sewing and save travels