Monday, February 14, 2011

Design Wall Monday

Since my design wall hasn't changed at all in a month:

I thought I'd show some photos of the border of a quilt I just finished for a customer:

It was a nice white border, just begging for some fun quilting!

Head on over to Judy's blog to see what everyone else is doing.

Please don't forget to vote:

I entered this quilt in an on-line contest:

Vote here! Pick your favorite, or pick mine (#29)!


Tamera said...

What lovely quilting!

I voted for your quilt. It's so cute! I just LOVE scrap quilts.

Happy Quilter said...

This is a beautiful quilt and the actual quilting is gorgeous--so much fun to see.

Angie @ CraftedAngles said...

Great quilt! Like Tamera, I love scrap quilts.

Angie -