Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Lucky Charms Quilting -- part 8

Week eight of the Lucky Charms quilting videos features the gray triangles.

I pulled out my roll of Quilter's Preview Paper and drew some chevrons in the gray triangles and feathers in the black triangles. I quilted the feathers last week.

The design shows up better when I remove the Quilter's Preview Paper from the quilt.

I am ready to quilt!

The thread: Tutti (50 weight multi-color cotton) from WonderFil color TU-40 Slate
InvisiFil in the bobbin

The needle: size 16

Next week I will quilt the background of the applique block. Please come back and check it out!

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Kate said...

Hey Debbie! I saw your picture with Pat in her newsletter, of course I had to come over and say Hello! Hope you are well and having fun!