Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Lucky Charms Quilting -- part 9

It is week nine of the Lucky Charms quilting videos and I am finally quilting the background of the applique!

I pulled out my roll of Quilter's Preview Paper and drew different backgrounds to see which one would best show off the applique.

I tried pebbles:

and feathers:

and swirls:

and meandering:

Looking at them side-by-side:

I decided that I liked feathers the best!

The thread: InvisiFil in the top and bobbin

The needle: size 14

A view of the finished block:

Next week I am going to add a little bit more quilting to the center, and then this quilt is done!

If you missed the videos from previous weeks, I linked to them below.

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Gail said...

As always you make it look so easy! I hope when you've shown all the quilting that you show us a great picture from the back of that quilt. It IS wonderful. Gail

Terri said...

Love how it looks! And I love how you decide. I must try that plastic and wipe off pen idea! Genius!