Friday, August 05, 2011

What are you doing today?

Did anyone else sing that as a choir warm up exercise? We did the mi-mi-mi-mi-mi-mi-mi and he-he-he-he-he-he-he and then added words.

I'm on some serious deadlines and not getting much sleep so my brain goes weird places like 4th grade choir rehearsal. Sorry.

But, What am I doing today?

I have all three longarm machines fired up.

On the Gammill:

It's a super-secret project I promise to show you later. I am adoring every second of it and will have to make another one just for me.

On the HQ 24 Fusion:

It's a semi-secret project I promise to show you later.

On the HQ Sweet Sixteen:

It's a scrappy, messy, thready project that I hope to spend a few minutes on tonight if I finish the super-secret quilt and part of the semi-secret quilt in a timely fashion.

Now tell me, what are YOU doing today?


Unknown said...

I'm working on new super secret quilting designs, of course! Love the feathers on the Gammmill and I can't wait to see what that pretty red fabric is used on in the HQ 24.

Off to create more designs for the big book of free motion quilting fillers - OOPS! The secret is out!



Kim said...

I'm counting yo yo's....209, only 800 or so to go :0).
Oh those projects are looking amazing! and I know the secrets...shhhhh I won't tell.

Happy Sewing

QuilterMary said...

You had to ask on a "down day!" I'm going to a knitting class and then onto a party.

Can't wait to see what that thread thing is - I have a coffee can catching pretty threads, just waiting for inspiration.

Jilly said...
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Bonnie said...

You are being a bit of a tease here and the previous post! Glad you are getting a lot done.

I'll check back to see what the secrets are...