Friday, May 25, 2012

I should have stayed at the beach

We just returned home from a supremely marvelous time at the beach.  I fed some fish and some ducks and got sunburned and saw Elvis.  It was PERFECT.

We had two uneventful flights home, and I was even upgraded to first class on one of them.  Hubby wasn't.  Oh well.

We had a reasonably easy drive home from the airport, considering it was the Friday afternoon before Memorial Day in the metropolitan New York area.

We had a fairly quick trip in and out of the Apple store to pick up my third iPhone in four months (speaker died on #1, touch screen died on #2).  I do appreciate their "let's just hand you a new one for free" policy.

Once we got home, I checked on my new babies:

All three accounted for, and Momma Robin was nearby with food.

Then the trouble began.  I tried to restore all of the information on my iPhone.  Why does technology have to be such a booger?  The phone had been backed up online, but nothing was restoring.  Let's just say I was slightly frustrated.  I already transferred my photos to my computer, so no big deal there.  I have to re-install email programs, facebook (of course), and a few apps, but there was no way I could find all of my contacts.

I decided that it wasn't fair that my husband was the only one who could share in my slight frustration, so I decided to call the nice folks at Apple.  I am certain they would be happy to hear all about my concerns.   While working my way through the phone menu and waiting on hold, I opened a few fun pieces of mail.  

I got a new refrigerator magnet:

I wish I were there, too.  Seriously.

I got a magazine with a helpful suggestion:

It helped pass the time, but overall not too helpful, because my contacts still weren't restored.

Eventually, I spoke with a wonderfully helpful woman from Apple who helped restore most of my contacts from someplace know as "the Cloud."  I don't care if they came from "the Next Galaxy" as long as I have all of my cell phone numbers!!!

In the middle of writing this post, my laptop gave the "Danger, Will Robinson" flashing light signal telling me my battery was dead.  I was somewhat concerned since the laptop was plugged in to the outlet.  After some investigation, we realized that the wall outlet was not working.  The circuit breaker was off.  We ran to the next room (laundry room) where the chest freezer is plugged in to the same circuit.   We asked questions like, "How long has the freezer been off?" and "Do you smell anything awful yet?"  Fortunately the food was still frozen and that particular crisis was averted.

I still have to re-install some apps and hook up my email programs to get my iPhone working again.

Fortunately, there is cake.

Mmmmmmm.... cake.


Darx said...

Mmmmm, cake.

grendelskin said...

Good thing you had cake onhand! Someday we will find out that the Cloud is an evil tool of Big Brother-style domination; in the meantime it saves our hides.

Kati from Kati's Quilting said...

Debby, hat to say it, but I had your problems too... and I resolved it by buying a Samsung Infuse Android phone. It was one of the best decision of my life. Maybe one day you'll get to the point too :)) Glad you have "most" of your contacts and cake! Isn't that the most important of all? :DD Welcome home! Looking forward to the pictures-to-be-posted!