Sunday, June 10, 2012

32 Hours

I just spent a fantastic two days teaching in Massachusetts and got home after 10 pm Saturday.

Monday morning, early, I will leave to teach for five days in Virginia.

The 32 hours I have at home are busy ones.  I got some sleep, unpacked my suitcase, did some laundry, repacked my suitcase, unpacked my quilting samples/supplies, and repacked my quilting samples/supplies.  I also spent some time in the kitchen.

I cleaned out the crisper drawer and made veggie stir-fry for Jeff's lunch.  I made enough for him to eat it again later this week.

I made ham and spinach couscous for Jeff to eat later this week.  Erin hates spinach like I hate snakes.

I made some spicy fried tofu for Erin to eat later this week.  It is Erin's favorite, so Jeff probably will not get to each much of this.

I made congee for my lunch today.  I made enough for Jeff and Erin to have some later this week.

I cooked up an eggplant and made a tray of eggplant parmesan.  I left Jeff and Erin baking instructions for later this week.

I made some quinoa and veggie pilaf and stuffed some peppers for Jeff to cook up later this week.

I made pizza for Jeff (pepperoni) and me (olive) for tonight's dinner with leftovers for snacking.

I made cheese pizza for Erin's dinner tonight with leftovers for snacking.

Hopefully they will have enough food to survive while I am gone.


Darx said...

What a kind and generous use of your limited time home to cook for your family. Very sweet.

QuilterMary said...

How do you cook the quino and veggies. I only tried cooking quinoa once - unsuccessfully