Sunday, August 26, 2012

Good news, bad news

Good news: I have made a commitment to exercise daily

Bad news: I left my hotel this morning before their gym was open

Good news: I landed in Utah in time to hit the hotel gym

Bad news: it is closed for renovation

Good news: they offer passes to the local rec center

Bad news: it is closed on Sunday

Good news: it isn't raining

Bad news: it is 94*F outside

Good news: I exercised anyway!


Eileen said...

I hope your hotel has good AC! What's up in Utah?

Debby Brown said...

I'm at a Handi quilter love-fest

Debby Brown said...
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Marj said...

I'm proud of you for exercising even when fate was trying to get you to give up. You go Girl!

Kim said...

What is the saying about making plans?
Good for you for finding a way to keep your promise to yourself.
I'm trying for 45 minutes a day :0)

Safe travels and Happy Sewing

grendelskin said...

I love Utah, the landscape is so different from new England! You'll have lots of natural beauty to inspire you while you Do The Right Thing for yourself. Have fun at the lovefest!