Thursday, August 23, 2012

Late night google search

To the young woman who just called me at 12:35 am, 12:37 am, 12:44 am, and 12:56 am:

No, I did not just call you.

Yes, I am sure.

No, really, I am sure.

No, I am not Kelly.

Yes, I do know someone named Kelly but I am not her. Really.

No, there is not someone, like, "younger" in the house.

To my blog readers:

This is why I am awake at 1:45 am googling "how to fall asleep.".

Answer number three looks promising: drink a relaxing beverage.


Kim said...

Turn your phone off You need your sleep :0)
Now that you have her number you may want to return her calls tonight say 3am...?

Happy Sewing

Gari in AL said...

I had one of those a couple of years ago. My pleasant voice ran out after question 3.