Friday, February 15, 2013

Gifts! A wallet

My sister-in-law sent me a special request:  a fabric wallet to match her new purse.  The actual text read:

"Hi!  I moved my stuff to my new purse ;)  all the compartments are gr8!  The purse is perfect and so cute! i was wondering if you had anymore of the fabric from the purse you made me?  If so, would you mind making me a small wallet like the one in my last purse?  Let me know how much it costs and I'll send a check.  Thanks so much."

She does not sew and has no idea that a quilter will spent 100 hours on a quilt to give it away but will not sew for any amount of money.  (OK, I actually do sew for money, but that is a different matter.)  The fact that she specifically asked if I could make her a purse for Christmas, and then wanted another wallet is payment enough.  I love when the people that I give gifts to enjoy them.

Sadly, I did not have any more fabric.  I cut it all up to make a scrappy baby quilt.  I quickly ran to the Quilt Basket to see if they maybe had a fat quarter of the fabric left somewhere (it was old fabric).  I could not find a fat quarter anywhere.  I was about to give up hope when I found a bolt of one of the fabrics.  SCORE!!!

I pulled out my trusty Lazy Girls Wonder Wallet pattern and made up a matching wallet for her.  It took me a quarter-yard of fabric and about 30 minutes.

I snapped a quick photo with my phone before I tucked this in an envelope to mail to my dear sister-in-law.  I did not stage the photo so you can see some of the debris on my desk.  

Clockwise from top right:  a promotional ruler from, some lip gloss (of course!), the charging cord for my wireless headphones, the cord for my laptop, and the edge of my desk lamp (it's new and I LOVE THE EXTRA LIGHT!!!).  

I cannot find even 6-inches of clear space on my desk.  Sigh.


Lazy Girl said...

Debby, the Wonder Wallet is perfect! Great job!!!

Kim said...

She'll love it.
Love the color too.

Happy Sewing