Friday, March 15, 2013

Gifts! Just because

A dear friend of mine wanted me to make her a quilt.

"Are you graduating from high school?" I asked.

"No," she answered.

"Are you getting married?" I asked.

"I'm already married," she answered.

"Are you having a baby?" I asked.

"I've already had five," she answered.

"Are you planning on a serious illness?" I asked.

"Um, no?" she answered.

"Then you don't get a quilt from me," I stated.

This conversation has been replayed many times over the years.

I finally made her a quilt, just because.

All reds and pinks:

With a scrappy back:

Love ya, dear friend!


Maryellen said...

Love you right back! And I will love the quilt forever and ever!

Leeanne said...

'Just because' presents are the best!

Terry said...

Omg, I have the same conversations with people...are you getting married, etc...twinzies!!