Friday, November 29, 2013

Forty Days left at home

I leave for my next work trip in forty more days.  I have many quilty plans for these days at home.

Today I am re-thinking my work suitcases.  I decided that I would retire this quilt:

While I was making it (years ago!), my daughter asked for it.  It has traveled with me for several years and during that time she frequently asked how "her" quilt was.  She was very patient.

I made this quilt as a quilting sample.  I used free-motion quilting, rulers, and a Groovy Board:

I frequently teach at Bits N Pieces in Pelham, NH.  Liz had her students each make this and quilt it differently.  They surprised me in September and showed them all at once.  I was overwhelmed!

I hope my daughter enjoys her bright (!) green quilt.  And I hope I have time during the next forty days to make a replacement sample.


Eileen said...

Debby, if I know you, you'll have the replacement finished over this weekend. ;)

Unknown said...

When my son was in Junior High, he wanted his room in these colors. He decided it was too lime green for him, but I still love this color combination and I think I will make a lap size quilt for me with these colors. Thanks for sharing it. (We sold that house...)

Unknown said...

Debby, We had fun making them to show you as well. Looking forward to seeing the replacement.