Wednesday, November 13, 2013


A few weeks ago, I received a wedding invitation in the mail.  The groom and his bride-to-be are people that should definitely receive a quilt as a wedding present, but what quilt will do?

I spent a few minutes on Sunday looking through their bridal registry to get a feel for their tastes.  Then I thought about what quilts I had stashed in UFO form in my studio.  I remembered a quilt-in-progress that would be perfect for them, but couldn't remember exactly where it was.  Fortunately, the last time I tried to tame my UFOs, I made a list of them and noted where they were stored.  Yes, I'm a bit of an organizational geek.  I looked on my spreadsheet and had the quilt in my hands a few minutes later.

Yesterday was cold and snowy:

but also pretty:

It was a great day to stay in and sew.  I pulled the bag out of storage:

Don't Handi Quilter totes make great project bags?

I noticed that the pattern was in a magazine dated 2004.  I don't think that the project is that old, but maybe it dates back to 2006 or 2007?  It has ripened enough and is now the perfect time to finish this quilt!

I pulled out the pattern and all of the pieces, took inventory of the finished bits, the cut bits, and the yardage.  Everything was there, so it was time to dig in.

This quilt is underway and is to be finished well before their January wedding date.  I wish I could find the perfet bridal shower present in my UFO stash, too.

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Kim said...

We got snow flurries last night too, was all this gone by noon?

Love your organization idea....what would I do with all the time I look and look for a UFO? So many quilts yet to be done and miles to go before I sleep......wait did I mix something up? :0)

Happy Sewing, I know that wedding gift will be beautiful and well loved

Eileen said...

I like your idea about storing UFOs in bags. I definitely have enough of them!
Got no snow here; just a bit of rain. But we did get the wind-Wow!

Have fun with your wedding gift; I know they'll cherish it.