Saturday, May 31, 2014

Hotel Tour of 2014 -- Night 50

Today was the last day of Quilter's Academy.  This was one of the best teaching experiences of my career -- the show was well-run, the students were wonderful, and the setting was beyond gorgeous!

It's always fun to see what happens after the show ends.  There are packing crates:

and boxes:

and workers and trucks:

Running a quilt show is quite an undertaking and the folks that ran this one put their love of quilters into every detail.

Now that I'm back at my hotel, relaxing for a few minutes, I tried out this comfy sofa.

It's near the window so you can see the view:

Remember the view?


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LiahonaGirl said...

We were thrilled that you were able to participate in Handi Quilter's Academy! I know those who participated in your classes left having had a great learning experience! Time to start planning the 2015 HQA!