Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Never Enough Chocolate -- The Quilting

Now that I've finished my Pat Sloan's Scrap Happy Sew Along Shoofly Quilt, it's time to start quilting my Pat Sloan's Never Enough Chocolate sew along quilt.  I call it Jellybeans since I made it on Easter weekend and it is as colorful as a bowl of jellybeans.

I first quilted what the pattern called "Red and Yellow blocks."

I quilted swirls in the colored squares and swirly hearts in the colored triangles.  I mirrored those swirls in the black triangles opposite the colored triangles, but they can't be seen in this photo.

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Doreen Auger said...

When I first glanced at this one I thought "Confetti"!!! So bright and cheerful and love the swirly-s that give even more sense of motion and softness!!!