Monday, August 10, 2015

Quilt Pic of the Week: Majestic Sunrise

I am enjoying my More or Less quilt project and watching my quilting design evolve from quilt to quilt.   This quilt features a spool of Majestic Sunrise, a FabuLux thread.  I was tickled to have designed 40 colors for this yet-to-be-released thread line from WonderFil.

I started with three simple strips of black, red, and white fabric.  The first stitching, naturally, was the ribbon candy in the red stripe:

I stitched one-quarter inch outside the red stripe to frame the design:

Next I stitched a wave:

Then I stitched swirls and echoed them using my quarter-inch foot as a guide:

Pebble power!

What quilter doesn't love some diamonds?

It needed more Ribbon Candy:

My More or Less: Majestic Sunrise quilt is complete:

So how was this different than the last More or Less Quilt?

In The Pinks was vertical:

Majestic Sunrise was horizontal:

Watch the full explanation here:

I'm ready for my next More or Less quilt:

The new FabuLux thread is called First Love and I'm so excited to use it!  What changes should I make in this quilt?

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Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Gorgeous!!!!! I have a problem quilting straight Especially in the ditch, have to get in some practice with s ruler!!!!