Friday, August 21, 2015

Quilt Pic of the week: Zoë's quilt

I have a fab friend named Zoë.  She's so wonderful that I make sure to type the umlauts and I wouldn't go to that trouble for just anyone!

I met Miss Zoë in Minneapolis at Quilt Market in May of this year:

Isn't she cute?  

She's smart, too!  She's helping me with my website and other online details that make me want to stick a seam ripper in my eye.  My website and my eyes thank her daily!

Well, Miss Zoë had a birthday recently and she definitely needed a quilt:

This is a scrappy version of my Sweet Tooth pattern. It is a happy quilt and it made me think of her.  

In addition to being a happy quilt, it's also a snuggly quilt with warm flannel on the back:

It may be summer now but, to quote the Stark family, Winter is coming!

Happy birthday, Miss Z! 

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