Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Tuesday Tutorial: Walking Foot Crate Quilt

One of my greatest joys in life is teaching people to machine quilt.  I see students in person in my classes and know that they take my Craftsy classes and watch my YouTube videos.  I hope that my classes help, but nothing replaces practice.

I know many quilters won't sit and practice machine quilting on practice pieces but would rather just get quilting.  This year, I am suggesting that quilters make small crate quilts for animal shelters and practice their machine quilting while doing good!

Raid your scraps, make a crate quilt, and practice using your walking foot.  Sew together a few mini charm packs for a color co-ordinated crate quilt.

Have you tried to quilt a quilt using your walking foot?  You can quilt many different patterns using your walking foot, but start with this simple pattern if you've never tried it before.


jes1776 said...

You wouldn’t happen to remember what your tension setting was? I believe Fabulux thread is a 40 wt, and Decobob 80 wt which always give me tension problems when I have two different weight threads. Tension is my biggest headache when it comes to getting ready to quilt. My old el cheapo sewing machine was easier to adjust the tension settings than my new state of the art BabyLock!

Unknown said...

You inspire me!!
Will do - this year


Nolesgirl said...

You make it all seem so easy and you have given me the inspiration to try it. I appreciate anything I can learn about quilting. Thanks.