Friday, June 01, 2018

Friendship Quilt Along -- FUN!

The first block of Amanda Herring's Friendship Quilt Along is FUN!  No, seriously, the name of the block is Fun!

Here's one of my blocks (there are two Fun blocks in the quilt):

Instead of using Amanda's gorgeous Hello Lovely fabrics, I chose to use very muted colors and patterns so that the machine quilting will show better.  I definitely need to make a Cutie Quilt (or three) from this fabric line, though, because it is totally darling!

I used Amanda's templates to prepare my freezer paper hand-applique shapes.  This first block was a test to see if my not-so-nimble fingers could once again applique... and THEY CAN!  This project brought much comfort while I was recovering from my last infusion treatment.  They work and I'm terribly grateful for them, but they aren't the most fun things to endure.  I don't have another treatment until after this entire project is completed.  Hurray for a completed project and no treatments!!!

I applique using straw needles and InvisiFil thread.  I find the longer straw needles easier to grip and the 100 weight polyester InvisiFil thread disappears into the quilt for a nearly invisible applique stitch.  How perfect is that???

Instead of waiting until the entire quilt is assembled to show you how I would quilt this block, I want to give you some quilting inspiration as we go.

Check on all of the Fun blocks on the internet today in blogs and on Facebook and Instagram!


Pamela Arbour said...

Your hand applique is beautiful. I am afraid that I have greatly declined in my hand sewing skills since I started doing everything on the machines! I hope to get back to it soon. Maybe next year or the year after? LOL

Melly Testa said...

Super cute, great colors!

Soksophoan said...

I see your blog daily, it is crispy to study.
Thanks for sharing the good information!