Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Dusting off my Dress-Making Skills

I don't ever remember a time in life when I wasn't crafting.  I know I was crocheting before I could read, knitting before I entered school, and made my first piece of clothing for myself when I was in the first grade.  I kept myself busy knitting, crocheting, and making garments until I was pregnant with my first child.  That's when I discovered quilting and I have pretty much neglected all other crafts in favor of quilting ever since.

Every year, I see more and more garment patterns released in quilt shops and I think to myself, "I used to know how to do this!"  And I collect the patterns.  I have several years of recently released patterns in my collection and each was purchased with the intent of making my own clothes.

Well, the time has come.

I purchased this pattern from the Sew Inspired booth when I taught at Stitches United in Hartford, CT in March.  This is my most recent pattern purchase, so it was on top of the pile.

If you are wondering why the orange owl fabric spoke so loudly to me, I need to tell you a secret:

I have a thing for shoes.

I am in many ways a minimalist, but minimalism doesn't apply to shoes, Hello Kitty handbags, or quilting fabric.  That's where I draw the line.

It finally stopped snowing and turned directly to summer.  On a hot, hot day last week, I remembered that I had an amazing pair of orange sandals.  Remembering this wonderful fact inspired me to finally be brave and make a garment.


Defending my photo, I am currently recovering from medical treatment and not feeling very well.  Also, it was hot and I have no air conditioning.  

I graded myself an A- on this project.  My skills are a little rusty, but I will soon make another (and another!) blouse to remind myself that I know how to sew clothing!

Last Saturday was the last day that my local quilt shop was open in Pawling, NY.  My machine quilting club closed down the store:

If you are sad that my local quilt shop closed, please don't be because it is re-opening in Wappingers Falls, NY this weekend!  Congratulations Quilt Basket!  I can't wait to teach in your new shop!


Vireya said...

Look at you! That looks like a great top for hot weather. I love orange any time - but your top and matching sandals are fantastic!

Pamela Arbour said...

My little experience with New York is that its coldest winters seem to bring its hottest summers! I don't know how you can survive the heat and medical treatments without air conditioning!!

Your new blouse was perfect for the hot weather and your shoes are darling. Congratulations on your commitment to make garments again. I keep threatening to do that but quilting keeps getting in my way!

Kerry said...

That looks a great top for keeping cool on long walks. I really am a complete dunce (sitting in the corner with my cone-shaped hat with a big capital 'D').