Friday, May 11, 2018

Spring Clean Your Studio

Today is my day on the Spring Clean Your Studio Blog Hop hosted by Muppin.Com.  I'm so excited!

I sew in the family room of my house.  My house is under the trees on the side of a mountain on the Appalachian Trail in the Hudson Valley of New York so I don't get a lot of sunshine.  My family room has walnut floors and paneling so it's like quilting in a cave.  I promised myself to brighten up my sewing space once I got things cleaned and organized.  Maybe this year will be the year?

I have been traveling non-stop, teaching quilting in Ohio, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and New Hampshire for the last five weeks.  Yes, my booking agent hates me.  (I am my own booking agent.)  I was in my house for exactly five days in the month of April and apparently the only thing I did on the days I was home was make quite a mess!  I'm not strong enough to show the full disaster, but I took a few photos as I was tidying up.  Note:  it was even worse before I started!

Cutting table?  What cutting table?

Does it get any more real than this?

These photos show approximate 25% of my sewing space.  The rest is just as bad, trust me.

I put on my headphones and got to work.  I made some great progress until:


I accidentally tripped and fell into my 1 1/2" scrap bucket:

I've apparently fallen and can't get up.

My goal is to clean out the sewing room, and we all know that the quickest way to do that is to start working on the smallest cut of fabric in the room instead of doing any actual cleaning.

I think I'm going to be here for a while.

All is not lost, though.

I found my cutting table:

And did you know that there was a DOOR in my sewing room?

That door has been a window for the last 3 years!  I walked onto my deck every day JUST BECAUSE I COULD!

More from my sewing room --

My Dream Big quilt 

is on my new Handi Quilter Forte.  I love that machine and named him Jason Momoa because they are both big and strong and... oh my!

Another one of my longarms is showcasing my favorite ribbon candy quilting:

I teach different versions of ribbon candy in each of my Craftsy classes.  I haven't taught it yet on Annie's Creative Studios, but I have some other fun classes there!  I also have well over 100 YouTube videos about machine quilting.

I'm filming some new machine quilting classes now that will release shortly.  To stay in the know and get quilty goodness delivered directly to your inbox, subscribe to my newsletter.

Thanks for visiting with me today.  I hope you'll stop by here more often!
*This photo is of the door to my sewing room when the darn squirrel scared me to death!

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Robin said...

LOLOL!! You just crack me up and YES to Jason Mamoa!!!

lucyleabrown said...

thanks for your post and honesty. my sewing room was in the basement too, and never bright enough event though I had several lamps placed around the room. Then my dear brother put LED lights in the ceiling. So much light now, I love it.

Pamela Arbour said...

Thanks for sharing your reality. You really did a good job on your sewing area and the floor by the door! Who would have ever known there was an issue. My sewing studio is the first thing people see when they walk into my house. I am working hard to have it look presentable at all times, but I keep chasing that squirrel!

Brenda / Songbird Designs said...

Too funny! And, yes, those squirrels can get us (at least me) in a lot of trouble! My sewing room is (was) my formal dining room and it is the first room coming in off the back deck/porch. Now it's full of Ikea kitchen cabinest, sewing machines and a LOT of fabric and other stuff! Maybe one day I'll get it cleaned up! I just tell people if they came to see my house and not me, well, sorry!! LOL

Kerry said...

Naughty squirrel! Now Jason . . . niiiiiice (to both also the beautiful quilt!).

Currently my quilt room is the cleanest it has ever been. The shelves and cupboards are empty and the contents have been boxed up ready to move house! Next - a temporary bedroom while a workshop will be converted to be mine, all mine! Then I can have a longarm - finally! WOOT!

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