Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Happy, Healthy Sewing Room -- Does this Spark Joy?

I've mentioned Marie Kondo on this blog before.  Tidying seems to be taking the world by storm right now, and also overwhelming donation sites.  I don't have the energy to do a full-tilt cleanout like she suggests, but I am gradually sifting my possessions asking "Does this spark joy?"  I'm finished with my clothes, books, and linens, but … the sewing room.

I'm trying to clean out the sewing room in 2019 to make it my Happy Place.  I'm not sure what it will look like when it's finished, but I no longer want to see fabric and UFOs and kits that make me feel guilty.  I want everything in here to make me deliriously happy!

Working through my infusion recovery (feeling icky but wired from steroids) in my sewing room last week, I found a kit from 2006 and realized that it completely did NOT spark joy:

I simply adore Fig Tree fabrics.  I hoard them and ration them and pet them.  However, this pleated quilt doesn't spark ANY joy for me.  It requires no machine quilting and... I have no words to express how this machine quilter feels about quilts which require no quilting.

The fabric, however:

I'm petting and playing and deciding what to make of these gorgeous fabrics. What are your favorite jelly roll quilt patterns?  

What do you do when you find a quilt kit or UFO in the sewing stash that sparks absolutely no joy?  Do you feel that you have to finish it as started?  Or do you find ways to re-purpose the quilt/fabric into something that you love?


Brenna said...

I feel absolutely no obligation to finish a kit as designed! Heck, I frequently by kits just because you can sometimes get a really good deal on the fabric inside. :) And I've given away many partly finished projects or that I have no desire to finish.

Nicky and Pam Lintott have some fantastic jelly roll books - they're definitely some of my favorite sources for jelly roll patterns!

Brenda @ Songbird Designs said...

I would definitely repurpose or gift it if it sparks no joy! Life's too short with too many GREAT patterns and fabrics to not enjoy the process!!

Pamela Arbour said...

Love the fabrics. You can always whip up a Cutie A La Mode and you can put ribbon candy all over it! I really love that pattern!