Thursday, January 10, 2019

Thread Thursday -- FabuLux Midas Touch

Have you ever had a thread you are afraid to use?  Or that you've tried to use but can't make it work?  It's so frustrating!

I plan to spend time this year talking about thread and how to make it work for you.

This week's thread is FabuLux Midas Touch.  

It's one of my most-used threads for machine quilting.  The color blends when I want it to blend, but also gives a little zip and shine.

FabuLux is a 40 weight, 3-ply trilobal polyester with a loose twist to add lustre.  It is a little thicker than average piecing thread and works best through a large-eye needle (18 on a longarm, 90 on a home machine) when using a large stitch (9-12 stitches per inch or 3.0mm).  I don't micro-quilt with FabuLux because the small stitches and small needle can cause the thread to shred.  I don't typically use FabuLux in the bobbin; I use a matching spool of DecoBob.

 Midas Touch is a random variegated thread blending three shades of golden yellow.  I often use this thread instead of gold metallic thread.  I use it on primitive quilts, patriotic quilts, and whenever shades of yellow/gold will work well.  

I recently used this quilt on a class sample made from Dandi Annie fabric and Grunge.

It blended beautifully with the gold fabrics but didn't scream against the aqua, black, gray, lime, peach, or cream fabrics.  I didn't have a single thread break on this entire quilt.

I paired it with DecoBob Dark Gold in the bobbin. 

Visit next week for another Thread Thursday!

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