Friday, October 18, 2019

Bowl of (Spooky) Cherries for Halloween

Like many quilters, I have an extensive collection of scraps.  I dug into them on the 4th of July and pulled out a lovely collection of orange fabrics.  My quilt-loving daughter-in-love is a Halloween loving gal.  I showed her a photo of the fabrics I was pulling and she agreed that this quilt was for her.  She thinks that every quilt I make should be for her so this isn't unusual, but when she said she'd die without it, I knew I was onto something special.

I designed my latest Cutie Quilt, Bowl of Cherries, on paper and made my first sample from these lovely orange fabrics.

This just glows, doesn't it?  My daughter-in-love chose an orange bat fabric for the border and black and white ghost fabrics on the quilt backing.

I was only recently able to finish this quilt.  The second half of 2019 has made quilting difficult for me since I broke my collarbone on July 5 and a tree flattened my house on September 16.  I've been either unable to quilt or too busy with house stuff to get much quilting done!

Finally, I stitched my favorite ribbon candy using a rust-orange thread on the black fabric strips and free-motion leaves everywhere else.

Several people have tried to claim this quilt as their own and my daughter-in-love has a generous offer for them:

If you want in on the rental offer, you can contact me.