Thursday, October 03, 2019

Stress Sewing -- Strings edition

I'm under a wee bit of stress since a tree smooshed my house.  While I am dealing with phone call after phone call after phone call and trying to figure out what the next six months of our lives will look like as we rebuild, I'm doing a little sewing.

Since I'm packing for our move and downsizing my possessions, I started de-cluttering my fabric with the smallest bits possible.  That'll help, right?

I'm working on stitching up my strings:

I had my strings in a huge basket waiting for me to twist them into twine for trivets and rugs, but decided that stitching them up would be quicker.  And I'll always make more.

I stitched up a bunch of black/white/gray blocks:

Some neutral blocks:

And a bunch of "anything goes" blocks:

I recently finished a quilt of anything goes strings and cheddar fabric and have just listed it for sale on my website.  There's nothing wrong with the quilts that I'm selling; I simply want fewer quilts to pack and move!

I didn't finish enough blocks of any one kind to make a quilt but these blocks are now completed and stored, waiting for another "stress sewing -- strings" so I can make more!

Are you a string piecer?  I've made these blocks to fit my Big Cheese Cutie Quilt pattern, but there are many more ideas in Bonnie Hunter's String Frenzy and String Fling books.


Sewonwednesday said...

With all you have going on right now, I feel it's good to send you kind thoughts to help you find Peace! Kathy

Pamela Arbour said...

Just beware...............that string bin is a bottomless pit! I just made a generous twin size quilt with mine and I still have a huge pile. Where does it end? LOL

So sorry to hear about your house. I do hope you can get back in for winter or do you plan to move back in?

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