Tuesday, February 04, 2014


Thank you to everyone who has visited my YouTube page.  You just turned the meter past 25,000 hits.

As a bit of a celebration, I'm re-posting my very first YouTube video.  It was filmed in 2011 and featured another one of Pat Sloan's quilt patterns:  Lucky Charms.

The entire post can be found here.

But here is the very first video I ever filmed:

I think I wrote every word I planned to say, memorized it, and then repeated it on camera.  I was very uncomfortable and I think I sounded that way, too.  And the ring wasn't distracting AT ALL!

If you want to see all the videos from this quilt, check this post.

Here is how the quilt turned out:

And the back:

I love this quilt and hope whoever bought it at auction loves it, too!

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