Friday, February 21, 2014

Truth in Advertising

I own a purse pattern called "The Potato Chip Bag."  They claim that you cannot make just one.

Well, I made one:

Take a closer look:

Isn't that cute?

I used the Henna line from Makower.  I bought the fabric at the Quilt Basket, so if you need it check with them.

And about that "can't make just one purse" claim?

I don't believe it for a minute:


BrendaLou said...

I think I've made 20 or so! Friends, friends of friends and even some for me!

Bonnie said...

It is a cute pattern that is fast to make...but I've just made one. And it sits unused as I purchased a purse that fits me better. Oh, how I wish I had a pattern for it!