Thursday, February 13, 2014

Snow Day = Quilting Day = Book Day

We are getting a tremendous amount of snow today.  I am trying to ignore that fact.

I have some very large (LARGE!) quilting projects with looming deadlines, so I am focusing on them instead.

Yesterday, I read (listened to) Cinder while quilting.  I really enjoyed it and already requested Scarlet from the library.  While I am waiting for that to come in, I am listening to this:

I have read most (all?) of Stephen King's books.  The Stand is my absolute favorite, but there are so many good ones.  Hopefully this is one of them.  I'll let you know in 18 hours, or in 2 feet of snow... whichever comes first.

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Sharon said...

I just finished reading "Doctor Sleep' on my Nook. Loved it. I've read almost all of his books, too.
And 'The Stand' is also a favorite of mine. Have you read the 'gunslinger' series? I love the way some of his characters are intermingled in many of his books.