Monday, February 13, 2017

Cleaning By Attrition

I think it will be easier to clean and organize my sewing room if I have less stuff in here.

I have been hard at work for the last six weeks finishing quilts to move them out of my sewing room.  I've also moved other things out of my sewing room to make room for the all of the Happy that I want to live in there.

I had a huge roll of high-loft batting.  Why?  I have no idea.  It now lives with my local library's quilt group.  They make bedrolls for the homeless and the batting will be put to good use:

I realized that I am a quilter, so I got rid of everything that isn't related to quilting.

I am no longer a:

  • knitter (I did keep 4 projects)
  • crocheter
  • rug maker
  • rubber stamper
  • scrap booker
  • candle maker
  • a few other hobbies that I've likely forgotten about
All of the supplies that support these hobbies have been given to charity groups or individual crafters, or have been recycled.  

Have you re-evaluated any hobbies and decided they were no longer for you?  Did you regret it or did it make you feel a little less burdened?


Kelly Ann said...

I'm in a throw out stage of my life...get it gone if I'm not gonna use it and that includes fabric that I've had around for years and I'm not longer in love with.

Terry said...

I'm also a quilter. I tried jewelry making once, I hated it. Luckily I had not stocked up on supplies for that short-lived endeavor. I do have way too much knitting and crocheting stuff. I can't part with it yet, but inevitably I'm sure I'll have to let it go. I'll keep my needles and hooks, but need to get rid of a LOT of yarn.

Connie the Cootiebug said...

Oh gee, I'm a cross-over crafter too and have supplies in so many crafting categories. I'm a quilter too and for a few years my desire to sew just went into hibernation and I didn't think I'd ever feel the joy of sewing & quilting again. That's when I added the scrappin' craft to my list. I enjoy it a lot but then the desire to quilt returned just recently and now I have to divide my time accordingly. I also knit and crochet and I find that I can do these at times when I'm just wanting to sit or perhaps waiting & passing time somewhere. So far, I'm doing a balancing act of these. But, I sold my longarm which I no longer desired to keep, got rid of lots of "stuff" associated with other sewing, I gave my DGD my dress form, shared with a friend lots of counted cross stitch supplies, and so I guess I compromised. My sewing room now which I share with hubs as his office (he gets one wall for his desk and file cabinets), I have only the things I truly love and desire to keep But, sigh, I do wish I had a complete room of my own or that it was larger. Still, I'm very happy with the blessings that I do have. :)

Jackie Kelly said...

I know it is hard, good for you.

Kathy Vanacoro said...

It is such a good feeling to donate it to those who need it....I just found someone who does beading with her students....can't wait to ship it off...patterns and books are next

BJ said...

My quilt studio had a split personality for years - half quilting, half card making. Both are equipment-heavy, and something had to go. In times of crisis or joy, I find myself always going to the fabric for comfort or celebration, so I donated all paper craft stuff to my grandkids' elementary school and the teachers are in heaven. I kept just enough to do simple Christmas cards, and I admit I miss playing with paper, but I'm still glad I gave it away. Kept knitting, cross stitch and embroidery. Got rid of crochet, wreath making & silk flower arranging. It's just amazing how much "stuff" we accumulate over the years to support our hobbies. I'm sure the next crafters are putting everything to good use.

BJ said...
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Barb Johnson said...

I did something similar a few years ago. I used to be a Girl Scout leader, so I had lots and lots (and lots and lots!) of crafty type stuff that could be used at the meetings to make things. Since my kids are now all grown up and the grandkids aren't old enough to be making crafts, I gave all that stuff away. I even went through my fabrics and gave away the pieces that I was going to make clothes out of, because that just isn't going to happen! I kept the quilt fabric, some yarn and the embroidery floss. For the most part, I haven't regretted getting rid of excess stuff. And your photo of the high loft quilt batting reminded me that I have a high loft quilt batt in the basement. The guild is looking for donations, so that is going to be the next think out the door!