Friday, February 10, 2017

Quilt Finish: Just Because You Can

My goal for 2017 is to clean out my sewing room and finish up as many UFOs as possible.  My friends, however, conspire against me to sidetrack me.  They show me pretty fabric that I just "have" to buy.  They show me new quilt patterns that I just "have" to make.

Pat Sloan is one of the people who try to derail me.  I am making her 182 Day Solstice Challenge quilt and her Children's Library quilt.  What more does she want from me?  Apparently, she wants me to make even more quilts because she sends out bonus quilt layouts based on her individual blocks, like Cobble Stones.  I saw the bonus quilt challenge there. My resolve to not start any new quilts wavered but I held firm...


my friend Joliene (a fabulous longarm quilter) sent me photos of her Cobble Stones challenge quilt.  After seeing her gorgeous quilt, my resolve completely broke and I dove into my scraps to make my very own quilt.  Thanks, Joliene.  Some friend you are.

Here's my Cobble Stones quilt, made entirely against my will:

Joliene asked me what I was going to name it.  I named it "Just Because You Can."  Some of you will know why I named so (hint: it's a song lyric.  And you are welcome for the earworm).  

I quilted this entire quilt with ribbon candy, just because I could.  

This is a total scrap quilt.  All of the fabrics were from my stash.  I sewed together bits of flannel for a cozy backing.  I joined a bunch of wool batting scraps together for the batting.  I pulled out bright binding strips from my leftover bag.  Knowing that by making this quilt I removed fabric from my sewing room makes me feel more righteous about breaking my resolve to not start any new quilts.

Pat Sloan, however, is at it again. She sent a bonus layout with her Tidy Rows block.  I like the "X" variation rather than the "O" variation.  I was thinking green, black, and white until I started reading this book yesterday:

It looks like I'll have to make yet another black and yellow quilt.  I'll actually have to buy yellow fabric because I have none left!

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Crystal_235 said...

I've been holding off on the cobblestone quilt, but I did start the golden coin quilt. I do have plans to make the cobblestone quilt after I get my scraps organized which is taking forever with all the activities the kids want to do.