Thursday, February 09, 2017

Tempted: Canning Season

I am tempted by the fruit of another new quilt!  Click HERE for today's earworm.

Do you know Shelly Pagliai?  She is talented.  She is fun.  She is a temptress!

She is leading a quilt along of her Canning Season quilt.  I saw it and desperately want to make it.  Desperately.

Sadly, I have several other half-square triangle quilts in the works.  They are my 'leader and ender' projects.

These blocks are made with leftover trimmings from one of my bed quilts:

My Summer's End quilt also yielded some leftover triangles.  I've made two copies of the quilt.

Mostly Manor:

and Gypsy Dance:

I'll be teaching this quilt at my local guild's Super Saturday and will likely make another copy.  Which Cutie Pack should I choose for the next one?  They are all so pretty!  And will make even more leftover triangles.

Once I finish these projects, I might make Canning Season.  I'm thinking about baby blue background fabric with black and white triangles:

Which fabric will you choose to make Canning Season?


Doreen Auger said...

If I was more of a "piecer", I would be hooked on your enthusiastic ideas!!!!! I seem to use up all my fabric w/o those lovely combos you show. I see so many wonderful pattern possibilities with what you have share that send my mind 'swimming' in thought! I look forward to seeing what magic you work out!!!! Hugs.............

sunny said...

I'm in love with Canning Season! It's going on my list, but not for any time soon.