Saturday, February 18, 2017

Weekly Update

This was my last week at home before my quilt travel season starts and boy was it a full week!

I had a few sewing room mishaps like extensive sewing after the bobbin ran out:

I also misjudged my binding by (((this))) much:

I managed to do something right, though, when I pieced a quilt backing:

If you don't know how to invisibly seam a backing, I wrote a quick tutorial HERE.

I had some kitchen mishaps, like sugary bubble tea coating every surface of my kitchen:

In between the comedy of errors, I managed to make progress on my Block of the Month quilts:

This was the final week for the free Splendid Sampler blocks.  The book will be available in April.

Family Affair:

Pieces of Friendship:

I made a pillow using this block pattern and filmed a machine quilting video about it. Check it out HERE

Family Stars:

Lina's Gift:

I'll pick up the Splendid sampler again once the book is released.

This is the last week I'll be current on Pat Sloan's 182 Day Solstice Challenge -- Among the Stars:

I pulled out another old block of the month quilt.  This one is an original design from my local quilt shop from 2013 or so.  I'm not a huge batik lover, but I want to finish this one up and send it along to its forever home.

Block 1:

Block 2:

I had a full last week at home.  Next week, my adventures begin with Quilt Con.  I hope to be able to keep up with my "block a day" habit while I'm on the road.  Stay tuned.

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