Friday, February 17, 2017

Quilt Finish: Yellow Brick Road

Hurray!  I finished another old quilting project.  This isn't my oldest UFO, but it is far past the "decade" mark.  

I pieced this Yellow Brick Road top at a retreat at Sturbridge Quilting and Sewing Center last month:

I quilted it with FabuLux Midas Touch thread:

And this is when my projects typically come to screeching halt because... Binding.

I am practicing machine binding using Pat Sloan's method.  I used the same threads for the binding that I did for the quilting.

I like how the Midas Touch looked on the black binding!  How did quilters ever live without these binding clips?

In a little over an hour, the entire quilt was bound:

The back of the quilt shows the blanket stitch and I still prefer the look of hand binding, but I will keep working on my machine bindings to get these UFOs finished and to their forever homes!

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